About Me

Hi, I am Anne. As I’m Dutch, you pronounce my name as ‘Oah – nuh’, but to make it easy: ‘Ana’ is fine with me too. You can say that I’m pretty passionate about movies. So passionate, I don’t only like watching them, I love making them. In 2011, I graduated as Bachelor of Arts, having done Film and Television Studies at Utrecht University. I found my passion for filmmaking when I started making video’s as extra curricular activities. Always having more on my mind than ‘just those theoretical classes’, my time was filled being actively involved in lots of different film projects and I have been very active as volunteer for film festivals like the Dutch Film Festival and the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam. Since a few months, I have been getting into photography as well, finding out that landscape photography is something I’m very interested in. Luckily, I’m not only doing this as a hobby, but as Media Coordinator at the New Zealand Institute of Sport, I get to make video’s and will be getting to make photo’s very soon as well. As Media Coordinator, I am also in charge of the website updates, our social media accounts and am doing a lot of graphic design. These last three, I have never done before, so the greatest thing about my job is that I get to learn a lot of new, different and also quite difficult sides of the digital arts. To get better at my job, I decided to do a course in Digital Arts. This course honestly didn’t really make me being better at my job, but you know, I can still apply some my learnings towards it.
I love producing and directing and as my boss says – my organizational skills are exactly what he needs, the same as my ‘can-do’ attitude and me not being embarrassed to keep on following up if things need to be done.